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How to clean shin guards in 5 simple steps

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How to clean shin guards in 5 simple steps
How to clean shin guards in five simple steps
Five simple steps to keep your shin guards fresh and help prolong their lifespan!
Learning how to clean shin guards regularly will assist in keeping them in top condition and extend their useful life.
Regular cleaning of your shin guards will also help extinguish odours and reduce the chance of bacterial growth.
You’ll need, water, a cloth or rag, a towel or kitchen roll and mild detergent (or anti-bacterial soap). The soaps pictured below are fine - as a general rule, if you wouldn't use it to wash your hands or dirty dishes - don't use it on your Patronus shin guards.

For cleaning all shin guards, follow these five simple steps;
Before you begin, it’s important to ensure your shin guards are dry so don’t clean them immediately after a match or training. Do try to remove them from your kitbag as soon as possible though to allow them to air dry naturally. This will help to elimate odours.
Put the plug the kitchen sink or use a basin/bucket and put your dry shin guards in.

Squirt the mild detergent or anti-bacterial soap into the sink or basin and run the tap – CAUTION – use only mildly warm water or cold water – do not use HOT water as this may affect the adhesives and other materials used to produce the shin guards.
Allow the soapy water to run until the shin guards are submerged ensuring the majority of the shin guards are in the water – placing them face down is often the best way to achieve this. The shin guards will float, so you don’t need a lot of water.

Allow the shin guards to soak for approximately five minutes while they are face down. This will give the soapy water some time to work it’s magic and break up the dirt and grime.
While they are soaking, the soapy water will loosen the dirt making it easier to remove.
Remove the shin guards from the water, rinse and set them on a towel or cloth to dry. Do not leave them in sunlight or near a heat source like a radiator or airing cupboard. Place them face down to allow plenty of air to get to the foam area. Do not rub the shin guards with an abrasive sponge as this could alter the appearance of your customised guards.
Once the guards are dry, you’re done! Leaving them to dry for a few hours is fine, but overnight is best. The shin guards are ready for your next match or training session!
This method is much easier on your shin guards than tossing them in a washing machine and will eliminate any chance of scratches or damage during the spin cycle. With this method on how to clean your shin guards, you will have them sparkling with little to no lingering odour, and ready for your next game!


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