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How to clean your football boots

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How to clean your football boots

Warning: When cleaning football boots made with a synthetic material, do not use Dubbin. See – How to wash synthetic football boots at the bottom of the article.

Things you'll need: cloth or rag, soft bristle brush or toothbrush (Boot Buddy is recommended but not essential), newspaper to stuff the boots when clean, Dubbin or leather lube if your boots are leather, access to water in a bowl, bucket or sink.

Things you'll need

  1. After playing, loosen your laces to allow easy removal of your boots (Don’t kick them off at the heel – this can damage the boots and reduce ankle / heel support).
  2. Remove loose dirt by knocking your boots together, but not too hard. We have seen players aggressively hitting their boots on concrete floors – do not do that as it can damage the studs, then brush your football boots with a stiff brush. Some clubs will have a boot cleaning brush rack near the changing rooms. Do not use a wire brush as this will damage them, instead try and use a brush with bristles made from a natural material. This type of brush can be purchased from a local cobbler or sporting goods shop. We use a nail cleaning brush that cost £1.50 from a local bargain shop, but it has softer bristles.changing room boot brushes
  3. Wipe the football boots with a damp cloth to remove smaller particles of dirt. Do not use a cleaning agent to clean your football boots. If the boots are heavily soiled then we occasionally use a small amount of antibacterial soap – be we are talking about a miniscule amount.
  4. If the football boots have been used in wet conditions, you can use an old toothbrush to remove dirt that has been trapped in small grooves if you don’t have a soft bristle brush. Pay extra attention to the soleplate where it joins the upper.
  5. Once done, stuff the football boots with newspaper to maintain their shape and to help extract any moisture. If the boots are very wet, you may need to replace the newspaper often.
  6. Allow the football boots to dry naturally away from a heatsource.

Warning: Drying the boots with heat can cause the football boots to become stiff and the adhesives can deteriorate. Stiff boots are far more likely to rip and are weaker, meaning they are more likely going to get damaged when playing again. Deteriorated adhesives can make joints weak, such as the join between the upper and the sole plate. Additionally, heat drying your football boots can cause your soleplate to warp.

  1. Occassionally, removing studs from SG or mixed sole boots to clean the studs themselves and the ‘T’ nuts they screw into is a good idea to prolong the life of them and to prevent them rusting together if moisture gets in. Using Vaseline or petroleum jelly in the threads will drive away moisture and keep them lubricated. Do not over-tighten the studs as this can wear away the thread.
  2. After allowing the boots to dry fully, typically 24 hours, the boot should be protected by a Dubbin or natural leather lube. Dubbin or leather lube, helps keep the football boots waterproof and the leather supple. Work the Dubbin into the uppers and leave them for 30-60 minutes before buffing off the excess. Your boots are now clean and ready for the next match or training session! For additional hygiene, use a foot odour/antibacterial spray inside the boots to prevent bacteria and odours from building up.

Warning: When cleaning football boots with synthetic material, do not use Dubbin or leather lube. See – How to Wash Synthetic Football Boots

Caring For Synthetic Leather Football Boots

Synthetic football boots are becoming more and more popular. Every brand has it's own models of synthetic boots and caring for them properly is vital to prolong their life.

Follow the instructions for leather boots. However, you do not want to use any abrasive brush or cloth on the football boot upper. Also, do not use any leather lube, Dubbin or nourishment on your synthetic football boots. Synthetic football boots can be damaged if you use a detergent or a polish.

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