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Shin Guard Comparisons

We appreciate it can be confusing when trying to decide which shin guards are right for you. Do you want a lightweight shin guard? Is protection more important for you? We set out the subtle differences of our shin guards below to try to help you determine which shin guards will be perfect for you.

shin guard differences

On the left of the image above, we have our Patronus Pro Custom shin guard and on the right, our Patronus Premium Custom shin guard. Visually, the Premium guard has a 'honeycomb' pattern across the entire surface. Both the Pro and the Premium guards are the same thickness, but the shape varies. The Pro is a narrower shin guard width wise and has a straight outer edge, whereas the Premium has a curved outer edge with a higher 'arch' at the top. This means the Premium is slightly larger, so it offers a bit more protection as it covers more of the players leg. Due to the increase in size, the Premium weighs slightly more than the Pro - to offset this weight difference, we use our highest quality breathable EVA lining on the Premium model, making the weight difference only slight, when both guards are in hand. Full sizing details can be found in each products description, together with their weights in each size.

Our Elite Carbon Fibre guards (pictured below) are significantly lighter than both of the models above and come lined with Poron XRD - an antimicrobacterial material that disperses forces on impact. Carbon fibre is 22 times stronger than plastic, much thinner and is usually the top choice when it comes to professional players given the protection and lightweight properties associated with the shin guards.

Each model of shin guard that we manufacture can be customised with names, numbers, flags and club crests as well as photos or custom graphics. Further information can be found in each products description.

If you require any further assistance, please contact us at info@patronus-sports.com and we will be happy to help!