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Established in 2011 by a close-knit group of footballers, Patronus Sports started life as a successful shin guard company offering shin guards to professional football players. Very quickly, however, regular requests for personalised pads were received from pro’s and demand from amateur players was increasing. Professional players all had something in common; they asked us to make them stronger than standard TPU plastic pads that are mass produced, they wanted a lightweight guard and to make them comfortable.

We dove head first into producing shin guards made from aerospace grade carbon fibre and tested other composite materials to establish how we could produce the strongest, most cost-effective pads on the market. We then liaised with pro’s who tested our early prototypes and through player feedback, we developed our pads into the product we offer today. Add the option to customise the pads to stand out from everybody else, allowing players to be unique and we believe our pads are the best available!

We are rooted in football, street art and urban culture and are constantly working on modern designs that are infused with the beliefs that define the Patronus Sports brand.

Patronus Sports are big on the environment, which is why all their products are produced using Hi-Tec carbon fibre and eco-friendly resins to minimize environmental effect whilst maintaining an outstanding quality product. All shin guards offered by Patronus Sports are endorsed by an ethos to improve fair trade and good working conditions for all suppliers. All our suppliers are in the UK and we manufacture from within Wales, UK.

In Ancient Rome and in Latin, the word 'patronus' meant protector. Protect yourself with the Patronus Sports elite level shin guards!